Our Technology
Drinking water and Sewage/Septage/Wastewater Treatment
IRBC-BBR Process
Water Treatment
(Immersed Rotating Biological Contactor - Bacillus Bio Reactor)
This process is the combination technology of Rotating Biological Contactor(RBC) immersion device and biological reactor to optimize the treatment of Total Organic Carbon, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus.
  • Optimization for high-concentration wastewater treatment
  • Application to existing sewage and wastewater treatment plants for process-switch to the advanced treatment
  • Easy maintenance by simplified structure
  • Economical CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduce odor
Sewage / Septage / Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Sites with severe influent load fluctuations
  • Sites with low influent load concentrations where microbial growth is limited
  • Sites where need advanced process for nitrogen and phosphorus treatment
High-concentration Treatment Plant
  • Small sites
  • Food wastewater and leachate treatment plants with high-concentration nitrogen
  • Food wastewater treatment plants with high-concentration organic pollutants
  • Sites where need pretreatment to reduce the load on the existing process
Other Treatment Facility
  • Sites with difficult to build facilities due to limited site area
Performance comparison
IRBC-BBR VS Standard activated sludge Process VS MBR
Category IRBC-BBR Standard activated sludge Process MBR
Treatment efficiency BOD: More than 96%~ BOD: More than 90%~ BOD: More than 90%~
T-N: 80 - 95% T-N: 20 - 30% T-N: 60 - 75%
T-P: 75 - 90% T-P: 10 - 20% T-P: 50 - 70%
Location Capacity
Giheung Septage Treatment Plant 100m3/day
Jangseong-gun Septage Treatment Plan 60m3/day
Namhae-gun Septage Treatment Plant 50m3/day
Uiryeong-gun Septage Treatment Plant 130m3/day
Busan OO Sanitary Office 3,500m3/day
Yongin OO Septage Treatment Plant 90m3/day
OO Food Factory Wastewater Treatment Plant 1,300m3/day
OO Pyeongtaek Factory Wastewater Treatment Plant 600m3/day
OO Food Factory Wastewater Treatment Plant 540m3/day