Our Technology
Drinking water and Sewage/Septage/Wastewater Treatment
Water Treatment
e-DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)
e-DAF removes FOG and particulate matter of low specific gravity in water by floating it with microbubble.
  • Good effect for the removal of SS, T-P, FOG, and algae
  • Prevention of odor sources together with linking odor-blocking and deodorization facilities
  • High performance with specialized Air Dissolving Tube(ADT) for flotation
  • Minimization of the installation area by improving performance through the inclined plates to increase flotation efficiency
Q Dimension (mm) Electric Energy
(m3/hr) Length Width Height Circulated Water Booster Pump
4~6 900 2400 1800 2.2
10~13 1200 2400 1800 3.7
18~22 1500 3000 1800 3.7
32~35 1800 3600 2400 5.5
40~45 2400 3600 2400 7.5
60~65 2400 4800 2400 11.5
90~110 2400 6000 3000 15.0
※ These figures may vary according to the water characters.
※ Deodorizing cover standards are not on this table.
Application Pollutant Purpose
Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plant BOD, SS, TOC, T-P Improving water quality of effluent, concentrating the sludge and treating instream flow water
Septage Treatment Plant BOD, SS, TOC, T-P Sewage and wastewater treatment, livestock wastewater treatment, and leachate treatment
River / Lake / Dam BOD, SS, TOC, Algae Preventing eutrophication, improving water quality at water resources, and supplying recreation water
Water Treatment Plant Turbidity, Algae Turbidity treatment and pretreatment of membrane filtration system
Reclamation Facility Turbidity, BOD, T-P Pretreatment of sewage reusing facilities, greywater facilities, and membrane filtration system
Location Capacity
Busan OO Leachate Treatment Plant 800m3/day
Ulsan OO Wastewater Treatment Plant 500m3/day