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Microbubble diffuser
Equipment & Chemicals
As it is made of silicon polyurethane material, our microbubble diffuser has high durability, excellent resilience, and high oxygen delivery efficiency
  • High durability
  • Long-term use due to excellent resilience
  • No hardening
  • Resistant to high temperatures and Excellent efficiency of oxygen delivery
  • Excellent resistance to oil and chemical
  • Constant generation of microbubbles
Comparison Data
Silicone & Polyurethane
Category EPL Air Diffuser Composite Rubber
Material Silicon and polyurethane Composite Rubber
Characteristics Excellent efficiency of oxygen delivery Easy hardening due to containing the plastic component
Constant air discharge by the air guide design A lot of stretching
Excellent strength due to the silicon polyurethane material Slot clogging due to weak resilience
Long-term use by excellent elasticity and resilience Low resistance against chemical and oil
Excellent resistance against chemical and oil Decrease performance as the sealing ability deteriorates over time
No hardening due to the property of the material Weakness against ultraviolet rays
  • Sites where chemically resistant air diffusers are needed by large usage of chemicals
  • Sites where dissolved oxygen is low even with an over-explosive
  • Sites where nitrification is difficult due to HRT shortage
  • Sites where normal operation is difficult due to frequent replacement of diffuser
  • Sites where electric cost for aeration is too high
Location Capacity
Busan OO Sewage Treatment Plant 65,000m3/day
Ulsan OO Instream Flow Water Treatment Plant 250,000m3/day
Jeju OO Sewage Treatment Plant 130,000m3/day
Busan OO Sewage Treatment Plant 160,000m3/day
Gyeongsan OO Sewage Treatment Plant 40,000m3/day
Pyeongtaek OO Sewage Treatment Plant 75,000m3/day
Busan OO Leachate Treatment Plant 800m3/day
Busan OO Sewage Treatment Plant 17,900m3/day