Business Area
Design and construction of environmental facility
Environmental Facilities
Design and construction sewage and wastewater treatment plant
Eco-friendly Treatment Facility
We design and construct safe, efficient and eco-friendly treatment facilities based on our long experience in design and advanced technology. Our eco-friendly technology contributes to preventing environmental pollution and reducing carbon emissions.
Busan OO Leachate Treatment Plant
OO Food Factory WastewaterTreatment Plant
Philippines OO Water Treatment Plant
Ulsan OO Wastewater Treatment Plant
Improving Old Existing Facilities
Efficient Management
By retrofitting old existing facilities with our advanced technology, we can improve the treatment capacity and comply with tightened environmental standards.
OO Leachate
Treatment Plant
Ammonia Stripping Tower
High-efficiency Diffusers
Spring Fiber Filter
Ulsan OO Wastewater Treatment Plant
Application of MBBR
(Demolition of HBC Ring)
Application of MLE Process (Composition of Anoxic-Aerobic tank)
Application of high-efficiency agitator
OO Hotel Wastewater Treatment
Application of Inclination Plate Settler
Replacement of High-Efficiency Diffuser and Application of MBBR to Bioreactor
Repair and Improvement of IBRC
Replacement of blower
(Roots Blower -> Turbo Blower
as air bearing type)
Reducing TOC
Total Organic Carbons (TOC)
As COD is changed to TOC in Korean effluent water quality standards, we provide solutions to TOC-related problems at the sites.
  • e-PACT
  • e-DAF
  • MBBR
Clean Air
  • Bag Filter
  • Electric Collection Filter
  • Scrubber
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Absorber
  • RTO / RCO