Technology Overview

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Variable Control Aerator & Mixer

This equipment has multiple functions, including both agitation and aeration functions. It can control and agitate an acid radical amount actively according to influent load changes. It can agitate the entire reactor by controlling a spray jet angle. It requires a small area due to a simple structure and is easy to maintain. It can reduce expenses by extending the life through low-speed rotation.


  • Multi-functions of an aerator and an agitator
  • Generating microbubbles
  • Easy to maintain with an easy structure
  • Can handle load changes actively
  • Can agitate everything by adjusting the angle of a spray
  • Can reduce expenses


  • Sewage treatment system
  • Recycle water treatment system


  • When operating a blower
    • Aeration/Mixing
      Excellent pollutant decomposition and leading nitrification with smooth air supply
    • Increasing the air delivery rate and the bubble generation by generating microbubbles
  • When stopping a blower
    • Mixing only
      Leading denitrification by maintaining anaerobic conditions
    • Maintaining the oxygen concentration by agitating only when the load of pollutants reduces

Comparative Data

Distinction Variable Control Aerator High-Speed Surface Aerator Underwater Aeration Method Disk/Rotor System
Nitrification A/V A/V A/V A/V
Denitrification A/V N/A N/A N/A
Nitrification/Denitrification A/V N/A N/A N/A
Aerosol Reduction A/V N/A N/A N/A
Agitation Speed 0.3m/s 0.08m/s N/A 0.3m/s
Motor Speed Slow Fast N/A Slow
Nitrification/Denitrification N/A N/A N/A A/V
Noise Level Low High High High

Silicone·Polyurethane Air Diffuser

A microbubble silicone air diffuser is a product that maintains elasticity permanently and has excellent durability that does not harden or tear naturally. It has great mechanical strength and is strong against high temperature due to its heat resistance. It is also by no means inferior as an air diffuser at a sewage and wastewater treatment plant since its surface is not easily stained with foreign substances. Especially, it has excellent chemical resistance so it can be used at various industrial wastewater treatment plants with numerous toxic ingredients.


  • Strong durability
  • Can be used for a long time due to its excellent restoring force
  • No hardening phenomena
  • Strong against high temperature
  • Excellent resistance to chemical ingredients and oil and strong against acid and alkali
  • Generating uniform microbubbles
  • Excellent oxygen delivery rate (over 35%)

Comparative Data

Distinction Silicone Air Diffuser Standard Active Sludge Process
Material Silicone Synthetic Rubber
Strong points
  • A membrane is made of silicone so it has excellent strength.
  • There is an air guiding valley in a supporter so the distribution of discharged air is even.
  • It has excellent elasticity and restoring force even after using for a long time so it has a long persisting period.
  • There is no hardening phenomenon due to a material’s characteristic.
  • It has strong resistance to chemical ingredients and oil.
  • It has excellent oxygen delivery efficiency.
  • Hardening phenomena happen easily as it contains plastics.
  • Huge expansion and contraction
  • A slot is blocked due to weak restoring force.
  • It is vulnerable to chemical ingredients and easily contaminated by oil.
  • As the sealing effect is lowered as time passes, the efficiency is degraded.
  • Weak to UV.

Construction Photograph

Water Care Product

Excellent effect on water purification and compound odor elimination

Even though a lot of efforts and expenses were invested so far in environmental problems caused by various odors generated from water-quality stabilization and sludge treatment systems of treatment facilities connected with sewage/wastewater, leachate, livestock wastewater, food wastewater and high concentration factory wastewater, it was not easy to deal with consistently reinforced environmental regulations. To solve these problems, the business division and research institution of Cheongwoo Ace Co., Ltd. is supplying related products as its excellence has been approved by researching and developing and applying to sites through industry-university cooperation.

Cheongwoo Microorganism Activator

(CWMA, CHEONG WOO Microorganism Activator)
Patented Product

CWMA, which is like a complex nutritional supplement for underwater microorganisms, contains a lot of bacteria and water treatment microorganisms by appropriately mixing drying spawns, organic carbon sources and inorganic nutrients.

  • It can handle load changes quickly by increasing microorganism activity significantly.
  • It is easy for microorganism species to transform when filamentous microorganisms such as actinomyces.
  • It is stored quickly at the time of microorganism shock.
  • It increases microorganism activation of an aerobic tank (aeration tank), a reactor, etc.

Purpose of Use

  • Aerobic tank at a treatment system
  • Supplementing microorganisms in a reactor and increasing microorganism activation (increasing water quality treatment efficiency)

Cheongwoo Microorganism Propagation

(CWMP, CHEONG WOO Microorganism Propagation)

CWMP is a product that increases the total viable cell count significantly by separating dominant strains. It supplements microorganisms quickly when there is shortage of them and also increases microorganism vitality greatly as organic carbon and drying spawns are included.

  • When most microorganisms become extinct as toxic wastewater flows in, it can restore early by new strains.
  • As it increases the number of microorganism strains greatly when high concentration alkaline and acid wastewater flows in, it can handle impact load excellently.

Purpose of Use

  • Seeding initial microorganisms at treatment systems or when test running
  • For supplementation at the time of microorganism impact load

Complex Deodorant

Patented Product

  • Strong deodorization effect immediately after using a product
  • The effect of a product lasts long and it is economical as its dilution factor when using is high.
  • It eliminates the source of odor completely and is easy to use.
  • There is no secondary pollution and it is harmless to humans and domestic animals.

Purpose of Use

  • Eliminating bad smells at treatment systems generating various bad smells (sludge treatment systems, etc.)

Coagulant (Powder and Liquid Product)

Coagulant(Power and liquid produt)

  • Polymer for water treatment system processes
  • Polymer for sludge dehydration system processes
  • Coagulant aids for aluminum sulfate, pre-treatment and dissolved-air floatation

Purpose of Use

  • Water treatment system process (chemicals process)
  • High coagulation and precipitation effect for sludge dehydration

De-Struviter, De-Scaler

It is a scale remover that quickly gets rid of scale, lime and rust formed on a system using water. It is a non-toxic, noncorrosive, incombustible, harmless solvent. It is a cleaning chemical that has a property of decomposing microorganisms completely.


  • Can be used at any temperatures from 18℃~82℃.
  • Not oxidized and hardened when being stored for a long time
  • Not harmful to the human and not generating bad smells or toxic gasses
  • It can remove scale and fur within 2~4 hours (based on an undiluted solution).
  • Neutralization treatment not required so you can work while it is being operated.
  • It can dissolve 1kg of calcium carbonate scale with 4L of solution with 100% concentration.


  • Refrigerators, boilers, pipes, valves
  • Strainers
  • Radiators, heaters, heat exchangers, engines
  • Evaporators, turbines, coolers, cold and hot water systems

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