Business Area

Environment-specialized company in various areas

Diagnostics and Consulting

Comparison and analysis of
operation data and experimental
values of each unit process of
water treatment systems
  • Review of a system’s resources and
    operation conditions
    - Inflow and outflow of each unit process
    - Review of the efficiency of appropriate treatment
  • Comparison and review of design factors
  • Comparison of a site’s experimental values
Result of diagnostics and
presentation of an improvement
plan of a system
  • Review of the current operation conditions
    and problems
  • Presentation of an efficient operation method
    in the design operating range
  • Presentation of an improvement plan
  • Presentation of a follow-up management plan
  • Securing stable treated water-quality by providing management strategies and operating information
  • Optimizing operating conditions for major processes by using operating strategies and predictive information of a process diagnosis system
  • Accumulating knowledge base and making operation objective by creating a system database
  • Accumulating process operation know-how and communicating and sharing information between several operators